Arts Attack Your Stress Away

Imagine yourself walking into a room with beautifully painted walls like the color of the sky.   Hanging on the walls are brightly colored paintings of the ocean and the green mountain sceneries.  Over the corner, there are enchanting painted vases and ceramics.   At the center, a beautiful flower arrangement with colorful combinations of elegant pink, […]

Bathing Makes Stress Go Away

There are many things that give us stress.   Sometimes, we already feel stressed upon waking up in the morning because we sense the stress we had the night before.   There are many ways on how we can make stress go away, and there is one ritual we always do that can help get rid of […]

Yoga – Relax Your Body and Mind

Most often, we link the philosophy of yoga to Hinduism and Buddhism.    Yoga is not a religion as opposed to other’s belief, and there is no need give up your religion or belief to practice yoga. This is one of the recommended practice according to

Relaxation Can Be Inexpensive

Most of us want to escape the hustle and bustle of this world.   Just be in a place where you can relax your body and mind, breathe and appreciate the beauty of life as it is, listen to the sound of the wind, watch the waves in the ocean, wait for the sun to rise […]