A Psychologist’s Guide To Mental Relaxation

Even a psychologist will agree that your mental health is significantly related to your emotional well-being. That is the reason why when you are feeling depressed and anxious, you sometimes become cognitively impaired. The unregulated moods and unexplained sense of inner-loss are what makes you weak and vulnerable to toxicities around. It is quite alarming […]

Relaxation Techniques For Anxiety

Having anxiety is bad enough. It can affect not only your everyday mood but your performance at school or work as well. According to Steve Bressert, PhD, “The anxiety, worry, or physical symptoms cause clinically significant distress or impairment in social, occupational, or other important areas of functioning.” With this, therapy and medication are usually […]

Arts Attack Your Stress Away

Imagine yourself walking into a room with beautifully painted walls like the color of the sky.   Hanging on the walls are brightly colored paintings of the ocean and the green mountain sceneries.  Over the corner, there are enchanting painted vases and ceramics.   At the center, a beautiful flower arrangement with colorful combinations of elegant pink, […]