Color Your Way To Happiness (Bring Out The Child In You)

Everyone deserves a break from work, from the pressures of motherhood, from the stress our relationships bring, from the crazy, noisy world.   Relaxation is a way to detoxify the mind and the soul. According to Donna M. White, LMHC, “Relaxation is our body’s way of rejuvenating. It allows time for our mind and body to repair.”


Whenever I feel like I need a breather, I pick up my watercolor and my coloring books and start mixing colors.   The smell of the colors is like a breath of fresh air for me.   It relaxes my mood and gives me space where I can be no one but myself.   With my coloring book, I can express myself well.


You Don’t Need To Be An Artist

According to Colleen Jordan, LMHC, “Art-making stimulates a different part of the brain than the language center focused on by traditional talk therapy.” I am not good at drawing, but I love art.  My friend introduced me to coloring books for adults which are also her way to relieve stress, and she does it usually when kids are away at school.  

I never thought I would enjoy doing it because I know I am no artist and I’m not good at combining colors.   But she told me that it’s not about being good at it. Leave the masterpieces to the master. Coloring books are a therapy to relax, to break the monotony of the day especially for busy mothers like us.  


Coloring Books Are Not Just For Kids

At first, my kids were laughing at me when they found out I was working on these crazy coloring books.  They said coloring books are just for kids. Well, I think I deserve to be as happy as a kid once in a while.  

I got various coloring books, from simple patterns to the complicated ones, and even the kids were ecstatic on how I patiently color each intricate design.  

Sometimes, it’s not about the usual familiar color we used to see, but about expressing yourself as you see things from your perspective.  


Benefits Of Coloring Books

My coloring book hobby is my “me time.”  It relieves my stress and anxiety. According to Aarti Gupta, PsyD, “Some stress on a person is a normal part of everyday life.” It helps me focus my attention and train me to finish tasks.   Coloring a mandala art design requires concentration and attention to detail. Seeing the finished product of each design gives me a sense of fulfillment and a different level of happiness.  It boosts my self-confidence as I tell myself, “Good job!”

Coloring becomes my way of meditating, re-centering my thoughts, and opening myself to positive energy.  


It calms my body, and I noticed that I got fewer attacks of high blood pressure and no more palpitations for me when I am agitated.  Less stress to me means fewer bouts of difficulty breathing and fewer visits to the doctors.

Even my kids now enjoy coloring with me.  It has become our bonding time when they are done with their homework.    


Color Your Mood

The colors I pick usually reveal the mood I am in, and the outcome of the whole design reflects my emotions and how I perceive things.  You can easily read me through the colors I use.


Coloring Is Adventure In A Different Perspective

The world is full of colorful things.  It’s a good thing if I could travel the world, but it’s not yet the time for me because I still have kids to send to school.  


Coloring books allow me to experience the adventure of traveling without the need to go far just to experience climbing the mountains or diving into the sea.   Just right outside my garden, coloring my books makes me experience these things at the moment. I enjoy going on an adventure at the comfort of my coloring books as I give life on each landscape, the vastness of mountains, and the richness of the underwater through my imagination – just the way I want them to be.   


Coloring books bring out the happy child in me, my own relaxing way of polishing my creativity.