How To Stay Relaxed During Exam Week


Quarter exams, prelims, mid-term, and finals…. These are the words that make student life a roller coaster ride. They are usually the cause of the sleepless nights and the reason for burning the midnight oil because of the preparations required to pass. It is during the exam week where students become the best version of themselves as if it is the end of the world and judgment day has come. Moreover, all of us have gone through this week-long agony, hoping that it will all be over and finally we can go back to our normal life.

Often, we catch ourselves overly thinking of what would be the results of the examinations that we will take. Will it be beneficial and will enable us to pass on to the next level? As humans, we tend to be anxious and stressed on whether we will make it or not. “Stress is somewhat difficult to describe accurately beyond simply saying that you know it when you feel it.” according to Roxanna Miller, LMHC. Here are some tips to stay relaxed and focused during examination week.


Preparation Is Key – Nothing beats preparation; one must have ample time to study. A person who tends to cram for an upcoming examination tends to forget the lessons that he already studied. As a matter of fact, more students fail examinations not because they didn’t study but rather they hurriedly tried to inject everything unto their heads.



Study Efficiently – Length of study time won’t really matter. What is important is the quality – how you study your lessons. One must not move on to the new chapter without understanding the one before that. A thorough understanding of the basics is required in order to progress to a new lesson.


Tone Down On Caffeinated Drinks – Some believe that this is their energy drink. However, too much intake of this will not only inhibit you from focusing on your lesson but also alter your physical state wherein you will have an increase in heart rate and pulse rate, eventually increasing your need for more sufficient oxygenation. “Overall, caffeine is often bad news for people with anxiety.” says Susan Bowling, PsyD.


Don’t Forget To Eat – Eating healthy not only allows you to have the needed energy and nourishment for your body but the chemical composition will also influence your manner of thinking and performance level in taking tests. During the study period, a large amount of blood circulates towards your brain thus increasing the use of sugar to keep you focused and alert. On the other hand, if your body has a tendency of sleepiness, eating unhealthy foods might be an issue, as these will stay longer in your stomach, decreasing oxygen in the brain and causing you to lose focus and attention. Therefore, it is good to eat light but healthy meals.



Let The Universe Conspire – Nothing beats positive thinking. According to William Berry, LMHC, “Simply monitor your thoughts, or think about your thinking. Challenge the negative ones and replace them with more optimistic and positive thoughts. The power of positive thinking is well documented.” One must claim that he could make it and nothing in the universe could ever stop him in achieving his goals. One must practice positive thoughts and aspirations, like attracting all the positive vibes, as this will make you feel light and stress-free. With this, one can maintain the soundness of the mind and spirit, paving the way for greater achievements.


Get Enough Zees – Rest enables the body to regain physical vitality after a day’s work. It enables the individual to recuperate and replenish the lost energy and vigor of one’s self.


Move Your Body – Exercise does not only relieve stress but also enables you to divert excess energy and release of happy hormones making the individual calmer, more receptive and more at peace with his or herself. Exercise also allows an individual to feel good about studying because the long hours of sitting could really be boring, and it makes you reluctant to do the same activity the next time.


Treat Yourself – After a day’s work, everybody deserves a treat. A simple slice of cake or a bottle of your favorite beverage enables you to release tension and comfort yourself after a long and tiring day of study.

These are just some of the ways to overcome the exam week, but most importantly, having the will and determination will enable someone to get excited and battle-ready for the exam instead of getting anxious and stressed.