The 2015 Vancouver Stress Management Seminar: Self-Help Techniques

The 2015 Vancouver stress management seminar is one of the country’s successful events. Having had many participants, mainly parents, working moms, single moms, and those who are facing their daily dose of stress and anxiety. Seminars like these help participants cope with these challenges and deal with them appropriately. They are taught to assert their emotions and opinions instead of venting out in rage or anger.


Below is a list of self-help techniques that are taught in these stress management seminars – techniques that help one regain control of his life.

  • Practice the four As of stress relief management. Avoid, Alter, Adapt, and Accept. These are the basic methods that one should instill in themselves when trying to get over the stressors for the day. You can use these during family arguments or misunderstandings or making a choice in the areas of work or social life.
  • Identify your stressors. Management begins with knowing the sources of your stress. The major ones, such as moving places, divorce, and change in career, are easy to identify. However, the sources of chronic stress are hard to pinpoint. Perhaps it’s the work deadlines, your constant urge to lose or gain weight, or your family demands that are causing long-term stress.




  • Engage in physical activity. Exercise is probably the last thing on your mind when you’re stressed, but it is one of the best stress relievers that you should do as a habit. It releases endorphins that make one feel good inside and out. And of course, it can be a great distraction. You can choose to swim, jog, or dance, whatever you feel like doing when you wake up.
  • Make new and relive old connections. It is a different feeling when you spend time out with friends you can trust – the old friends. They understand you more than anyone. They keep you from losing your grip and wallowing in depression. Also, making new friends and doing simple activities with them might just relieve some of your stress. You can have an afternoon coffee or┬ánice chitchat over dinner.

These are some effective self-help techniques that might help you lessen the stress you feel and face every day. Remember, you can’t expect your friends to fix you, but perhaps you should be satisfied and thankful that they’re there to listen.