14 Healthy Ways To Relax (When You Have Kids)

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We’ve all been there. It is truly difficult to relax especially when your kids or other family members are around, but you can do it. Here are 14 healthy ways to relax, even where there are kids around.

Run, Jump, And Play

When you are feeling negative emotions like getting nervous, being scared, and the panicky feeling building up inside you, you may also feel physical discomfort. This physical discomfort can be in the form of a headache, stomachaches or sleeping problems. In this case, playing can ease these negative emotions. Running, jumping and playing a sport can work off the stress.

Play A Happy Video In Your Head

Think of something nice to help you deal with stress. The heart rate slows down when you keep calm, and you will react better to the situation. This can be practiced even if you are feeling fine. Try to picture a person, thing, place or situation that can make you relax and when you get upset, play this “video” to calm yourself down.

Bang The Drums

Music can help you to relax. It can be a piano, a flute or a guitar. Drums can also do the same. Try banging a drum, and your stress will be released. You can also make your drum like an empty bucket or pot if you don’t have one. Grab some sticks and follow the rhythm of your favorite song.

Breathe In Deep And Let It Out

Meditating is one favorite way of relaxing the body and mind. You don’t have to follow certain sitting positions if you want to meditate, just a deep breathe will do. You can try this for 10 minutes pretending that your stomach is a balloon that needed to be filled up. You can also pretend other things while you are breathing, and another tip is to repeat a happy word as you breathe out.

Use Your Arms And Legs

Progressive relaxation is focusing on parts of the body and relaxing the muscles to remove the stress. You can start with your hand, make it tense and then relax it. You can do it three times in each hand, arm, and legs. It can work great if you have trouble getting sleep.

Laugh It Off

Laughing can lower the stress and can keep you from getting sick. You can find a way to start laughing like telling a funny joke or picking up a good book to read. You can also hear funny stories and also watch a funny clip.

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Talk To A Friend – Or Your Dog

When you start talking about what made you feel stressed, it can make the problem seem smaller. Talking to other people can surprise you that even they may have experienced the same thing in the past. If you are not ready to open up your problems to people, you can vent out to your pets. Cats and dogs can be a great listener, sometimes fish and birds too.

Belt Out A Song

It has been said that music and breathing is a good way of keeping you relax. When you sing, you breathe deep, and the music can also affect your mood. You can sing along to your playlist or sing in the shower. The bathroom walls can make your voice stronger and louder.

Aromatherapy Is Nice

Certain scents can lower your stress hormones like lavender, rosemary, and sandalwood. These scents are commonly found in perfumes, bath products, and lotions. According to Kristeen Cherney, PhD, “Aromatherapy massage is used for a variety of different reasons, including relaxation, pain management, and improved mood.”

Take A Break From Video Games

Video games can be fun but are not relaxing. They stimulate your brain to work, and it can be stressful. Two hours per day is enough when in front of the TV, phones, and computers. You can do something else like drawing, reading, playing and taking pictures. These activities can help you relax.

Be A Yoga Cat

Yoga can remove the stress. You can look for yoga videos online or take a yoga class in the community. Some poses look like an animal such as a cat where you stand on all fours and arch your back, or a volcano where you will squat and stand up fast yelling things you do not like. John Grohol, PsyD explained that, Yoga carries very few negative side effects, other than the time commitment to practicing it on a regular basis. While it’s unlikely to have a significant impact on your mental health, it appears that it may help some people with some aspects of it.”

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Hang Out Outside

Outdoors and nature can lighten up your mood. You can take time to stroll in the yard or walk a couple of blocks with your loved ones or pets. Look for clouds and interesting things happening in nature.  According to personal coach  Natasha Lindor, Head outside and “sit on a bench or a blanket and let your mind get quiet” while you engage all your senses,” Kaplin said. Engaging your senses is a powerful way to relax.”

Swap Your Hips And Dance

Exercising can make you feel better, but dancing can do it double. Dancing also involves music, so this means, you have two ways of relaxing yourself up. You don’t need to enroll in a dance class; you can just tap on your playlist and turn up your volume. You can have fun listening to music while practicing your dance moves.

Think About What Went Right Today

It is okay to take some time alone when you are feeling stressed or frustrated. Find a quiet spot and think about your day. You should focus on what went right; it doesn’t matter if it a small issue, for example, you told a joke and everybody laughed, or you lend someone a helping hand. Make a list of these good things and do the same thing for the following day.