How To Stay Relaxed During Exam Week


Quarter exams, prelims, mid-term, and finals…. These are the words that make student life a roller coaster ride. They are usually the cause of the sleepless nights and the reason for burning the midnight oil because of the preparations required to pass. It is during the exam week where students become the best version of themselves as if it is the end of the world and judgment day has come. Moreover, all of us have gone through this week-long agony, hoping that it will all be over and finally we can go back to our normal life.

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How Psychiatrists View Hypnotherapy For Relaxation 


If you have a busy life, it is quite hard to manage it if you don’t know how to create a state of calmness.  Calmness aids in restoring the equilibrium in the nervous system.  Some form of relaxation like hypnotherapy helps us attain this calmness, freeing us from tension, anxiety, and stress.   



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Cooking Beats The Stress Of Menopause


Menopause puts women like me at risk for stress and depressionAccording to Danna Costa-Sahs, PsyD, “Depression is a serious mental illness that negatively affects how you feel, the way you think and how you act.” During my perimenopausal stage, the night sweats, hot flushes, and sleep disorders take a heavy toll in my life.  I’ve tried medicine and some other exercises which are said to help women fight these perimenopausal symptoms, but to no avail.




“Stress is somewhat difficult to describe accurately beyond simply saying that you know it when you feel it.” says  Roxanna Miller, LMHC. One means I use to fight the stress is traveling.  According to Sheina Schochet, LMHC, “Vacations are beneficial for mental and physical health in so many ways.” Traveling here and abroad exposed me to different cuisines.  It was when cooking and eating changed my lifestyle and the way I look at life.   How food in each country are prepared and cooked has allowed me to see other people’s perspectives in life, and how the rich flavors in their cooking embodied their rich culture.


Not Late For Me To Learn Healthy Home Cooking

The interest that grew inside me inspired me to develop a new skill.  I never let my menopausal age get in the way of developing my interest in food and cooking.

One summer, I decided to spend my time enrolling in a cooking lesson.  It was when I learned the importance of good food and good home cooking.  The scent of the onions, garlic, and garnishing seemed to have awakened something from inside of me.   It gave me some sense of happiness and inspired me to cook for my family and friends.




Every Toss, Every Blend Gives My Life A Meaning

I found a new way to make my time useful.  Preparing meals for my family and friends is my newfound hobby, which gives me so much satisfaction.

Living a purposive life is all we are aiming for, and hearing loved ones and significant others praise me for my cooking gives a new meaning to my life which I thought was about to end as my menopause started.


Family Feasts Knit Happy Memories

Friday night is our family feast night.  My kids and grandkids have come to love my cooking that they have decided to gather in our home every Friday.  Seeing my kids and grandkids enjoying my dishes, hearing their laughter, seeing them doing good, and listening to their stories make a big difference to my life.   The depression inside me slowly fades away.  I feel more at peace and happier, that going to bed every night is no longer a struggle for me.  I sleep more soundly, and though there are still night sweats, they don’t bother me that much anymore.


Reuniting my family with my cooking is a way of knitting happy memories.




My Kitchen Is My Fortress

Whenever stress and depression start to sink in, I just get into my kitchen, put out whatever is in the fridge, get my knife and chopping board, heat up the oven, and another cooking session starts to make me feel alive once more.   The very smell of my cooking is more effectual than any drug that was prescribed to me.


Every time I would go into my kitchen, hold my knife, and work around my cooking like a pro, I feel very useful and my spirit is uplifted.




Health Problems Brought By Menopause

Beginning of menopause means the start of many health issues.  Feeling tired easily and all other menopausal symptoms can also mean the beginning of developing some autoimmune diseases.   Learning cooking and knowing the holistic effects of food in our body has made me become more careful and allowed me to choose the kinds of food that will benefit a woman like me who is at the prime of her life.


Eating is almost always a woman’s way out of stress, and I’m no different. Food and cooking benefit me a lot and even makes me find a new way to start living again, but only happier.   Discovering the chef in me heals the longing inside of me that is causing my stress and depression that has manifested as a symptom of menopause.