Couples Counseling: Learning From Power Couples

Today it is an acceptable practice that both partners are working and contributing to the financial needs of the family. Take for example Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan, Bill and Melinda Gates and  Jay Z and Beyonce just to name a few. If you combine their total assets, they are worth billions of dollars and their success stories will inspire anyone to follow their steps as power couples. Now I am not saying that these personalities deserve to be successful because they are celebrities and famous. There are also, or not-so-famous-couples who are into this kind of arrangement – both are working, having strong positions in their career and holds high functioning roles. They may have different interests or the same work fields, one thing that they have in common is to work hard to make their relationship work, and that includes establishing harmony in the home and aiming for relationship goals that always focus on building each other and nourishing their relationship further.


Is This Even For Real?

You might say – Nah! You are dreaming man! This can’t be happening in the real world. I might agree with this because being a power couple entails a lot of personality clash and the demands are off the roof. The stress that one faces if you are a power couple is tripled compared to an ordinary couple. According to Mary K. Tatum, LMHC, “Stress is variable and affects everyone differently.” So how do they achieve this status?

According to clinical psychologist Dr. Kate Hurley, PsyD, “In most instances, couple’s therapy really works to improve both individual’s bond with each other, sense of connection and relationship satisfaction.” From a couples counseling, a list of why power couples succeed are highlighted and let’s try to extrapolate on these tips.

Make Time For Each Other

Alright, you might be asking how can this even be happening given their schedules. That’s precisely the point. These couples are ingrained to have a hectic day with all the meetings, appearances, parties, and other vital events, still, they can find time to be together. This entails effort, commitment, and determination. Being with each other’s’ company and do things on your fuel up your relationship. This is also one way to show to your partner that he or she is more important in the world. If you can say No to an appointment or a person just to be with your loved one, then you are doing it right.

Helping Others As Part Of Their Mission

The spirituality vibe behind this act somehow contributes to the positivity of the ongoing relationship. Imagine this – if you dwell more time on gambling or drugs, the outcome you will receive is probably not that of a happy ending. The power couples that I mentioned here have their respective foundations or charities where they serve and work on to make other lives better. Helping others is a genuine act of kindness, and this goodness that you are showing is considered good karma.

Listen And Empathize

One recommendation during couples counseling is to listen to your partner and putting yourself in his or present situation. Trying to understand what they are undergoing at the current time means a lot already. Never judge, comment, ridicule. Just listen and make sure that you do this attentively. A mere greeting of “How’s your day?” can brighten up one’s mood and give that feeling that you matter. According to Geoffrey Steinberg, PsyD, “Couples come to therapy to deepen their connection and strengthen their relationship. They want to have a deeper connection with their partner, and that means confronting issues that may arise that have nothing to do with breaking up.”


As you can read from this article, it will not take a rocket scientist to figure out how easy it can be to maintain a healthy relationship even if you are working. All it takes is communication, time for each other, and commitment. Check out BetterHelp and you will be directed to more information pertaining to couples counseling and how it can benefit your relationship.