4 Things I Learned While Vacationing In Hong Kong


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My dream of traveling alone got fulfilled when my parents allowed me to visit Hong Kong by myself in 2012. I did not expect them to let me do that, considering it is practically on the other side of the globe. Apart from feeling like an adult from that moment on, I was able to explore all the exciting places there for a week without being rushed.

I know that at the time of writing this blog, it may not be advisable to go to Hong Kong due to the rallies taking place there. However, when things calm down, and you still want to see how beautiful this small country is, you should know a few things about vacationing there.

1. You Can Survive Without Knowledge About Chinese Dialects

The first thing that stressed me a lot before going to Hong Kong was my inability to speak or read Cantonese or Mandarin. When I came, however, I quickly gathered that you could not get lost even if you don’t know their language if you are brave enough to stop people in the streets or the subway and ask for guidance. Not all folks understand English there, mind you, so it’s best to inquire if they know the universal language before explaining what you want on the extent.

2. Traffic Jams Rarely Happen There


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Hong Kong is a small autonomous country with thousands of cars and buses rolling in the pathways daily, so one can expect that there will be a lot of honking and angry drivers wanting to get a move on with their vehicles. To my amazement, there was hardly any traffic congestion on any road, thanks to the amount of discipline that the motorists always exhibit.

3. Bargaining Is Fun

It’s almost criminal to leave shopping out of your Hong Kong agenda. There are different locations dedicated to it, yet the Lady’s Market is the ultimate hotspot for cheap finds, so I was drawn to that place.

Haggling for souvenirs is fun – that’s what I realized when I was in between stalls there. The shirts, pens, and other knick-knacks that you can bring to your family and friends can be purchased at almost a quarter of the asking price of the seller – who can say no to that?

4. Cable Cars Are Cool


Source: pixabay.com

Of course, I did not let the opportunity to ride the Ngong Ping cable car pass. There isn’t anything like it where I came from, but the slow and smooth travel did not scare me even when I knew that my life heavily depended on mere wires at that point. The fact that the carriage has also been created mostly out of glass lets you see the ocean and the thick clusters of trees on the mountains as well. Instead of worrying about the high altitude, you can only focus on the peacefulness of the surroundings because of that.


Hong Kong is not difficult to visit nowadays due to the great number of countries permitted to enter it without a visa. Come to this place and live to tell your experience. Cheers!