A Love Affair That Blossomed In The Nursery

Growing up in a house with a big lawn, I came to love gardening.  I was influenced by my father who also was a fan of the greens.  And every time I am in the garden, I feel like he is just close by, hearing his words telling me that gardening indeed is the purest of all human pleasures.

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A Gardener’s Pure Heart

My father was a worker in the field, and my mother was the daughter of a wealthy couple from the suburbs.  When my grandfather’s gardener died, he put up ads that he was looking for a new and younger gardener.  My father was referred to grandfather by his friend.  Because of my father’s charismatic feature and extensive experience with plants, my grandfather did not have second thoughts of hiring him.


Father is a very calm man, soft-spoken, and has the wisdom of an old soul, probably brought by his always feeling connected with the world around.  His job is one that is physically tiring. He smells like dirty sweat and his body aches all over, but he is happy seeing his plants growing, and flowers budding is the most fulfilling feeling for him.


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A Love Affair That Bud In The Nursery

My mom was managing my grandfather’s garden business because he was busy with other stuff, and my father was in the nursery the first time she saw him.  My mom described him to be like a joyful butterfly that glowed in the midst of the perennials and shrubs.  He was a gentleman and very hardworking according to my mother, who is always proud to say that she fell in love the first time she laid eyes on father – love at first sight for that beautiful and jolly butterfly.


He tried to get my father’s attention by becoming his friend.  At first, she would talk to him about stuff, and would then offer to have lunch with them, and would invite him to go out on a picnic or to the lake when my father was off from work.  Things were going well for them, but the problem was how to tell grandfather about their relationship.


At first, my grandparents were against their relationship, but father proved to them his pure intentions, earning their trust with his kind heart, loving nature, and honest disposition.


From The Nursery Love Bloomed And Bore Fruits

They got married to, of course, my grandparents’ blessings.  After a year, their union was blessed with a son followed by three more kids.  They put up their own garden/nursery business for them to provide for the family, and I can proudly say that we are products of my father’s handiwork.


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I will always be thankful for my father who is a green enthusiast, who is always proud to be called a gardener, which for him is a good, honest, body aching work, but is a worth-it-all occupation.


We are four kids who are all proud of what our father has achieved with the full support of our mother.  We are all thankful for how patiently, diligently, and lovingly they took care of us.  They raised us like the delicate seedlings, handled with their loving hands as they transferred us from the seedbeds to the nursery, until they transplanted us into our planting sites where we grew under their gentle care, now ready to bear fruits of our own.


Gardening is a satisfying hobby for me, but for my father, it is his life. But for my father, it was a place where he grew, nurtured, and molded his well-being.  Gardening kept me relaxed; for my father, it kept him grounded, taught him to love, and dug the dirt to produce an amazing and wonderful life.