A Quick Guide To The WinCity Slots


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WinCity is a new gaming brand directly under the Koolbit Company that publishes graphically rich and engaging slot machine applications that can make you feel as if you are in a real casino. The team has begun creating themed online free games for years already, and the first app that they have released is called the Slots to Vegas. Two other apps – Slots Boss: Tournament Slots and 1Up Casino Slot Machines – have come after that. At present, the developers are working on a lot more applications that will soon be launched in the market.

What Are WinCity Slots Like?

A WinCity free app is a step above the rest of the virtual casinos that you may have played before. After all, one has no less than 30 slot machines which are themed differently. You can gather from the name given to the games the main subjects you will see in each of them. The Slots Boss, for instance, features the lion, the pharaohs, and various things that hold the leadership role in their realms. The 1Up Casino, on the other hand, contains games that are centered on wild animals, marine life, and even fairy tale. As for the Slots to Vegas, the emphasis is on the luxurious items that are often associated with Las Vegas, such as diamonds, gold, and bright lights.


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These apps can be played with zero charges. Apart from that, the international consumers whose native language is not English can understand how to play the games, as they are offered in German, Russian, Korean, Turkish, Simplified Chinese, and many more. There are also more significant opportunities to win bonuses and free coins.

Where Can You Get These Games?

WinCity slots are accessible through Amazon and Facebook, as well as iOS and Android mobile stores. The Amazon version can be viewed in Kindle tablets, while the Facebook app is excellent on laptop or desktop. The reason is that the free games have high-quality images. It will be your loss if you cannot view them properly just because of the device you are using. In terms of the mobile variety of the apps, Android and iPhone users can play them if their smartphone’s system is above 2.3.3 and 6.1, respectively.

Gaming via social media platforms is better than downloading the software directly since not all digital apparatuses can function well once filled with purchased games. The ultimate factor that makes a device slow is the size of a match. Online apps like the ones from WinCity only consume approximately 30MB. That is just 3% of a gigabyte. Meanwhile, a downloaded game typically eats up almost 1GB, which is a lot of virtual scopes. The quality of a digital game is not subpar to the latter either, and the additional benefit is that you can play it anywhere you go.


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The WinCity free games can liven up your dull day and allow you to test your luck in the slot machines. The app loads in seconds, so you can start betting and spinning the characters as soon as you come online. Regardless if you subscribe to Facebook, Android, iOS, or Amazon, the developer has made sure you can enjoy casino games anytime.