Arts Attack Your Stress Away

Imagine yourself walking into a room with beautifully painted walls like the color of the sky.   Hanging on the walls are brightly colored paintings of the ocean and the green mountain sceneries.  Over the corner, there are enchanting painted vases and ceramics.   At the center, a beautiful flower arrangement with colorful combinations of elegant pink, a blush of rose quartz, and luscious lavender.  




The colors of a room relax one’s mind and body and take away everyday stress.   But you don’t need to be in an expensive hotel room, nor go near the ocean, nor hike the mountains to appreciate its beauty.   Create them while sitting right in front of your porch, in your study room, or bedroom.   


Arts And Stress

Many emotions and ideas are tough to express, words you can’t just blurt out.   This sometimes causes you to be stressed.  With arts, you can easily communicate and pour out emotions and ideas without anyone suppressing you.   

Art therapy is now used by healthcare facilities to help patients de-stress and have them experience quietness and calmness.   Sometimes, they are used to clear minds and increase focus.  


Paint Your Stress Away

You don’t need to be an artist to do art therapy.  Whatever skill level you are, it doesn’t matter.   What’s important is you will be able to express yourself.   There is joy in creating your own work of art using your imagination to mix and match color combinations that you think suits your work.   It’s the freedom of choosing what you want to do and how you want it done – no rules, no restrictions.  Let your imagination flow to create the art that will help attack and get rid of your stress.  


Pick Up Your Coloring Pens

If you are not into pencils and drawings, you can still do art therapy through coloring.  Grab a coloring book and pick up your colored pens.  There are many available coloring books for adults and kids you can choose from.  Simple landscape coloring books and flower and animal designs are an excellent choice.   Seeing the finished colored landscapes and beautiful flowers give you that soothing feeling and a sense of accomplishment, increasing your self-esteem.  It’s a good start, and you can appreciate the beauty of art and colors. According to psychologist Natalia S. David, PsyD, “Creating art on paper, as well as creating three dimensional art, may help you relieve stress outside of formal therapy, while practicing with an art therapist can help explore deeper emotional treatment.”



Color Your Mood

Colors stimulate our subconscious.   It can affect our mood.  Depression and stress levels can decrease with bright colors that encourage positivity and promote relaxation. “Psychologists and other researchers have long studied the impact that colors make on human life; color has been found to influence people’s ideas, perceptions, and preferences for things both obvious and discreet.” said Shannon V. McHugh, PsyD.

  • Blue keeps you calm and quiet. Thus, it helps lower blood pressure and regulates breathing.
  • Yellow makes you feel energetic and lively.
  • White doesn’t only make you feel calm but also makes you feel secure.  There is also the feeling of being clean.
  • Green helps reduce anxiety. According to John Grohol, PsyD, “It’s not news to most of us that our environment can have an impact on our mood.”
  • Violet brings inner peace and balance.  
  • Pink creates a feeling of calmness.   


Break Monotony And Stress

Stress is mostly caused by your fast-paced and busy days that’s all work, work, and work.   Break the cycle and beat the pressure.  For at least 30 minutes, pause, grab your pens and draw whatever is in your mind. Shade it with colors that will brighten up your mood and get rid of all negativity.


Art therapy may encourage your mind to pause and relax. Coloring brings you to your childhood days when things were simpler and less complicated.   Recreating the feelings brings back happy memories, keeping you inspired and efficiently reducing your stress.


Art therapy puts you in a positive mood, relaxes your mind and body, and makes you enjoy life and its beauty.