Bathing Makes Stress Go Away

There are many things that give us stress. According to Aarti Gupta, PsyD, “Some stress on a person is a normal part of everyday life. This ‘good stress’ called ‘eustress’ can help propel you forward and motivate you to achieve goals. Negative stress, or ‘distress,’ is more chronic, hinders optimal functioning, and can be detrimental to your health.” Sometimes, we already feel stressed upon waking up in the morning because we sense the stress we had the night before.   There are many ways on how we can make stress go away, and there is one ritual we always do that can help get rid of stress – one that we haven’t seemed to recognize.

Bathing – A Time-Honored Relaxation Tradition


Bath therapy has been in existence for centuries.  Bathing practices have been deeply rooted since the time of the Ancient Romans.   For them, bathing is a form of social and recreational activity, not just for personal hygiene or religious ritual.   Not only is bathing a form of recreation and relaxation in the Roman Empire, but it is widely practiced all over the world. Apparently, every nation has their own tradition when it comes to bathing and bathhouses.  


Bathing Takes Stress Away

We take a bath almost every day, but we just see it as a personal hygiene habit.  Bathing doesn’t only take our body’s dirt away.  It also takes other physical ailments – particularly stress – away. According to Barton Goldsmith, LMFT, “Bathing daily is healthy, it wakes you up, and you always feel better afterward.” We may not be aware but there are many benefits to taking a bath, lying or standing, warm or cold, with salt, oil, or just plain soothing water bath.   


Read on further and see what bathing can do for you.



Stand And Relax

Standing in front of the shower, just allowing the water to continuously drop from your head to toe, is so relaxing. According to Jason N. Linder, LMFT, “When you slow down and are fully present (or at least more present) for the pleasant experience of showering, it can be one of the most pleasurable activities of your day — comparable to sexual pleasure, eating your favorite food, and watching your favorite show.” Cold water stirs up your senses especially in the morning when it’s very hard to be awake.   


Comfortably Lie In The Tub

Lying horizontally in a bathtub makes you feel comfortable and secure.  The feel of the water on your skin as you lay down is just so soothing at the right temperature.  


Bathing Encourages Clear Thoughts

Taking a bath at the end of the day improves your mood and makes you think clearly. It turns your negative thoughts into positive ones.  Sometimes, after a good night’s bath, it’s when you are more creative.   You can do your planning for the next day’s activities.   


Hot Bath For Muscle Pain

Hot bath heals muscle pain because the heat can be compared to putting hot packs on your aching muscles, blocking pain sensors and giving you relief.  


Good Night’s Sleep

Night baths help you have a good night sleep.  Night baths cause your body to have a drop in temperature.  When this happens, our body produces melatonin which helps induce sleep.


Troubled Hormones

Chronic fatigue and infertility issues can be dealt with by soaking in cold bath.  Pituitary glands release some hormones that can cure hormonal imbalance.   On the other hand, when we bathe in warm water, it causes to increase our serotonin level which is responsible for happiness.  


Bathing is something that is not new to us, but many are still not aware of its benefits.  It can actually be the cheapest form of psychological relaxation.  


Tomorrow when you take a bath, get a better perspective when you stand in your shower or take a dip into your tub. Relax and enjoy its benefits to the fullest.  Feel the stress and the body pains lessen. Stay stress-free before going to bed, and wake up in a happy positive mood.  Enjoy your bath!