Best Places To Go For A Perfect Second Honeymoon



We all know that traveling opens our eyes to many things.  When traveling, we gain knowledge and new experiences.  We come to meet new people and learn about other cultures and traditions.   But for couples, going on a trip together is an experience that can strengthen their relationship, pull them closer together, and allow them to know more about each other.

For couples who have been very busy, traveling is one of the best ways to escape, relax, and rekindle their love.


I have some great advice on the best places to go for a perfect second honeymoon that is affordable.


  1. St. Augustine is said to be one of the oldest cities in the U.S., founded in 1565. It is situated on the northeast coast of Florida.  It is very rich in Spanish colonial architecture, and three rivers, a lagoon, and the Atlantic Ocean surrounds the place.   That is the reason why local restaurants serve only the best plates of seafood.   One of the city’s top attractions is its historic downtown and the Ponce de Leon’s Fountain of Youth Archaeological Park. You can also visit their wildlife sanctuary.


  1. Martha’s Vineyard is a place frequented by the likes of President Barack Obama, Reese Witherspoon, Bill Clinton, and other famous people for its private atmosphere. It offers authenticity and a carefree lifestyle.  It is a 96-square mile island, and home to six small towns, each offering its own unique dining experience and shopping promoted by locals.   It is one great place for couples to escape their reality and make precious moments that last their lifetime.
  1. Stowe VT is an ideal place for couples who love hiking and skiing. A town in northern Vermont, Stowe is known for its trails and ski slopes.  Smuggler’s Notch State Park has dense forests and narrow and winding mountains where you can do rock climbing and hike trails, a haven for couples who love adventures.  Doing these activities together reveals who you really are and makes you appreciate your partner better after some little disagreements, which can lead you to be more intimate and have a better sexual relationship.


  1. Sanibel Island, Florida is a low-key and quiet place, perfect to spend time enjoying the sun and sand holding each other’s hands. You can use the afternoon collecting shells on the beach or have a relaxing spa.  It is your perfect escape from the bustling city.


  1. Molokai, Hawaii, is a virgin, untapped destination you will inevitably fall in love with over and over. No traffic lights, no malls, but only nature from rainforests to isolated beaches.  If you’ve been dreaming of having sex on the beach with your significant other, this is it, the best place for you to give your second honeymoon a whirl.

Relive the romance as you learn to laugh at each other’s mistakes, learn to agree and disagree on horrible decisions which you both do, and learn to live the moment without worrying or stressing yourself much about the future.  Rebuild your relationship without doubts and be each other’s best friend – because you only have each other to turn to despite your differences.