Why You Need To Feel Pressured To Have A Good Mental Health Sometimes

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There was a time in my life when I worked for peanuts. I was a young and naïve writer back then, trying to find my place in the freelancing world. I accepted whatever project I could get my hands on, even if the client were only willing to give $2 per 500-word article. My mindset was that everyone started at a low rate and that it would get better soon.

Because I did not feel like I had the authority to complain, I decided to write articles for 15 hours every day. From two hours, I managed to write an article within 30 minutes after three months. I was happy because it meant that I could earn $60 daily. As I mentioned above, it was too small compared to the amount of thinking and writing I needed to do, but I sucked up and did it anyway.

However, this deadly routine came to an end a year later once my parents found out how I lived from one paycheck to another. They also learned that I developed PCOS since I was continually cramming and worrying about my work. I tried to make them see that it’s only until another company offered a better rate, but Mom said, “You will be dead before that happens if you keep this up. Leave that job now, come back home, and relax before you seek a new employer.”

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Relaxation Galore

I took the easy way out of my problems and returned to my parents’ house, which felt like a school break every day. I woke up right before lunch, watched TV until the evening, and play video games the entire night. In between those hours, Mom would come by with homemade snacks.

Unfortunately, I loved my vacation too much. Before I knew it, six months already passed, and I was still jobless. Neither of my parents complained about it, but my desire to work and earn money began to wane. I just realized it when I ran out of shaving cream and had to ask for $10 from my mother.

Below are the reasons why it matters to experience pressure for your mental health sometimes.

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Relaxing Too Much Causes Opportunities To Slip Through Your Fingers

Before my hibernation, I still got to send my portfolio and resume to various companies. I assumed that one of them would reply to my email at some point. However, when I started living at my childhood home again, I did not think of opening my email, so I did not see the responses from two different companies that came after a month.

As soon as I saw the emails months later, I could not express how disappointed I was to myself. I tried contacting the publishing companies about the offer, but they said someone already took the spot. If only I did not relax too much, I might have found a new job sooner.

Pressure Forces You To Focus And Get Your Act Together

Like I mentioned above, my parents loved me too much, to the extent that they wanted to give me everything 24/7. Dad said, “You just stay at home, sleep well, and rest. You do not have to chip in for food or electricity.” He meant it, so I genuinely did as I was instructed.

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It was already too late when I noticed that my life was going backward instead of forward. I depended on my parents like a baby and lived each day with the same question in my head every night: “What should I ask Mom to cook tomorrow?” I was more focused and responsible during my days as a struggling writer because I felt pressured to write as many as I could back then.

Over-Relaxation Tends To Keep You From Facing Facts

The irony of life was that I started living like a king when I had no job. Even though I could not buy an ounce of soil in a pot, I stayed in a gated community in Southern California. I did not have money for delicious meals, but I could ask my mother to cook a steak every day if I wanted to.

The problem that I did not see immediately was that the luxury kept me from facing the fact that I was unemployed. I became immune to its effects when my parents took me in once more. Thus, I dealt with job loss belatedly.

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Final Thoughts

Despite my parents’ discouragement, I began to wake up early and look for companies that needed new writers. I stopped playing video games and watching TV all day long, too, since they took up most of my time. Instead, I worked on my portfolio to increase my chances of getting accepted at a decent company. My self-inflicted time limit was one month – whether I had a job or not, I would move out of my parents’ house.

Putting such pressure on myself gave me a sense of direction. I was soon hired as an in-house content writer by a company whose starting salary was $2,000. It merely proved that it’s beneficial to feel pressured sometimes.


Best Places To Go For A Perfect Second Honeymoon


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We all know that traveling opens our eyes to many things.  When traveling, we gain knowledge and new experiences.  We come to meet new people and learn about other cultures and traditions.   But for couples, going on a trip together is an experience that can strengthen their relationship, pull them closer together, and allow them to know more about each other.

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Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy

Mindfulness can help to relax your muscles and relieve stress by simply turning off your thoughts and focusing your mind on being fully present at the moment, without worrying about what has happened or what is about to happen.

That is the power that mindfulness-based therapy can bring to your life.  According to Saundra Jain, PsyD, Mindfulness meditation practices are effective interventions, and sometimes for mild to moderate conditions—depression and anxiety—super-effective as front lines.Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy can help you develop better habits and live simpler and healthier lives and have a better relationship with your friends, co-workers, family, and literally, every person around you.   

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How To Stay Relaxed During Exam Week

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Quarter exams, prelims, mid-term, and finals…. These are the words that make student life a roller coaster ride. They are usually the cause of the sleepless nights and the reason for burning the midnight oil because of the preparations required to pass. It is during the exam week where students become the best version of themselves as if it is the end of the world and judgment day has come. Moreover, all of us have gone through this week-long agony, hoping that it will all be over and finally we can go back to our normal life.

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Color Your Way To Happiness (Bring Out The Child In You)

Everyone deserves a break from work, from the pressures of motherhood, from the stress our relationships bring, from the crazy, noisy world.   Relaxation is a way to detoxify the mind and the soul. According to Donna M. White, LMHC, “Relaxation is our body’s way of rejuvenating. It allows time for our mind and body to repair.”

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How Are Animals Helpful In Therapy

I don’t know when my love for cats started.  But I grew up in a home where animals are loved and treated like humans.  

cat therapy for depression
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My grandfather owns dogs, cats, birds, snakes, even bats.  He loves each animal like family. We talk to them in human language, and very interestingly they understand.  Dogs and cats are trained to use the bathroom, and they even bathe twice a week.   Birds, snakes, and bats are sheltered in their cages, and my grandfather would visit them every day and spend time talking to them.  

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A Quick Guide To The WinCity Slots


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WinCity is a new gaming brand directly under the Koolbit Company that publishes graphically rich and engaging slot machine applications that can make you feel as if you are in a real casino. The team has begun creating themed online free games for years already, and the first app that they have released is called the Slots to Vegas. Two other apps – Slots Boss: Tournament Slots and 1Up Casino Slot Machines – have come after that. At present, the developers are working on a lot more applications that will soon be launched in the market.

What Are WinCity Slots Like?

A WinCity free app is a step above the rest of the virtual casinos that you may have played before. After all, one has no less than 30 slot machines which are themed differently. You can gather from the name given to the games the main subjects you will see in each of them. The Slots Boss, for instance, features the lion, the pharaohs, and various things that hold the leadership role in their realms. The 1Up Casino, on the other hand, contains games that are centered on wild animals, marine life, and even fairy tale. As for the Slots to Vegas, the emphasis is on the luxurious items that are often associated with Las Vegas, such as diamonds, gold, and bright lights.


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These apps can be played with zero charges. Apart from that, the international consumers whose native language is not English can understand how to play the games, as they are offered in German, Russian, Korean, Turkish, Simplified Chinese, and many more. There are also more significant opportunities to win bonuses and free coins.

Where Can You Get These Games?

WinCity slots are accessible through Amazon and Facebook, as well as iOS and Android mobile stores. The Amazon version can be viewed in Kindle tablets, while the Facebook app is excellent on laptop or desktop. The reason is that the free games have high-quality images. It will be your loss if you cannot view them properly just because of the device you are using. In terms of the mobile variety of the apps, Android and iPhone users can play them if their smartphone’s system is above 2.3.3 and 6.1, respectively.

Gaming via social media platforms is better than downloading the software directly since not all digital apparatuses can function well once filled with purchased games. The ultimate factor that makes a device slow is the size of a match. Online apps like the ones from WinCity only consume approximately 30MB. That is just 3% of a gigabyte. Meanwhile, a downloaded game typically eats up almost 1GB, which is a lot of virtual scopes. The quality of a digital game is not subpar to the latter either, and the additional benefit is that you can play it anywhere you go.


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The WinCity free games can liven up your dull day and allow you to test your luck in the slot machines. The app loads in seconds, so you can start betting and spinning the characters as soon as you come online. Regardless if you subscribe to Facebook, Android, iOS, or Amazon, the developer has made sure you can enjoy casino games anytime.

Tips To Have A Wonderful And Relaxing Weekend

There are twenty-four hours a day and seven times a week. However, it seems like you always run out of time to do all the things that you want to do. Just when you think you are done with a particular task at the office, a new assignment will be given to you. Because of this, it is possible that you feel too much stress and anxiety from your day-to-day work.

Fortunately, there is a way on how you can turn this around by taking the weekend off. Technically, you are not running away from your tasks because the weekends are supposed to be spent on your own wellbeing and not that of your employer’s. According to Donna White, LMHC, “Relaxation is our body’s way of rejuvenating. When we are relaxed we tend to make better decisions. We are less impulsive and able to be more rational and have better clarity.” Here are some of the smart things that you need to consider so that you can have a beautiful weekend that you will never forget:

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Go Out Of Town

When was the last time you visited a neighboring town or city? Can you still remember a good memory of your trip with a loved one? Maybe you have invested most of your time at work to the point that you no longer have time to spend with the people you love. You need to change this as soon as possible, which is why I highly recommend for you to hit the road and go to that one place that you’ve always wanted to visit.

Spend A Day At The Beach

Another option that you can choose is to go to the beach for some relaxation. You can opt to go there on your own or invite some friends along. The choice depends on what you can to accomplish for the weekend. Do you want to have a peaceful time where you can simply rest and contemplate about everything that has happened in your life? Or do you want to connect with the people you miss as you enjoy the sea breeze? The choice is yours.

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Have Fun Camping

If you are an adventurous individual who wants to be one with nature, then the best activity that you can do for the upcoming weekend is to go camping. It is recommended to invite friends or family members to accompany you for the camping trip. Remember that this activity can be dangerous, which is why women are discouraged to do it without a company. According to Richard Shuster, PsyD, clinical psychologist, He agrees that blue has a profound calming effect on people. “Staring at the ocean actually changes our brain waves’ frequency and puts us into a mild meditative state.”

Enjoy A Staycation

If your budget permits you to buy accommodation for one night in a fancy hotel, then do not hesitate to do it. You deserve a good night sleep during the weekend. At the same time, learn how to pamper yourself by hiring a room service massage, swimming in a fantastic pool or enjoying delicious hotel meals. In so doing, you will begin to feel relaxed, which is your ultimate goal from the beginning.

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Make sure to prioritize yourself at times. Do not give all your time for work and business. Sometimes, it matters to take good care of yourself. All you must do is to empty your schedule for the weekend and do any of the things mentioned above. When we do make time for our wants and needs, we are more alive to the world around us, more available, and more giving of our fullest selves. In effect, we are our least selfish, while still honoring our sense of self,” says Lisa Firestone, PhD.