Fasten Your Seatbelt – Time For Your Stress-Free Travel



People travel to relax and enjoy their time off work.  But there are people who don’t like traveling because for them, it’s just stress rather than pleasure.  From the stress of preparation, hotel reservation, waiting in line at the airport, delayed flights, checking-in, and more. According to Elizabeth Scott, MS, “Allowing yourself ample time before your flight can reduce some of the stress of finding parking, checking bags, moving through security, and other aspects of travel that are much more stressful when you’re rushed.”

All these stress-related travel drawbacks can be avoided if you follow these tips.

  1.  Budget  You very much love to travel, but can’t because of lack of budget.  You can travel for less.  Schedule your travel during off-peak seasons.  During these periods, airline companies place tickets on sale, hotel accommodations are cheaper, and so are the other establishments in specific parts of the world.  Looking for freebies and tour packages when visiting the must-see spots will save you a lot.
  2.  Delayed Flights, Connecting Flights, And Long Waits  Always be ready for long waiting time especially when you travel with your kids.   Bring things that will keep you busy and occupied while waiting, like books to read, toys for kids, board games, etc.  I always carry with me coloring books.  It helps greatly in easing the stress of waiting.  While still home, you can check online or call the airport to check first if there’s a delay in the flight schedules.   It’s better to wait at home.  This will give you more time to check on other things before going on your trip.
  3.  Misplaced Luggage  This can be really stressing.  This can be resolved by packing your essentials on your hand carry bag.  Be sure to pack important items like medications, a set of clothes for an emergency, and toiletries. “Don’t carry on luggage. It is hard on the shoulders and back, setting you up for physical stress from the get go. Carry on the minimal amount of things you need; a book, an ipad and for women, a small purse.” says Richard Zwolinski, LMHC.
  4.  Avoid Drinking Alcohol You are not allowed to board the plane while under the influence of alcohol. This is big trouble.  
  5.  Getting Lost  Don’t get stressed out because you’re lost.  Take this opportunity to explore the place, learn the language, and communicate with natives.   For sure, you will find your way back.
  6.  Rude People (esp. taxi drivers)   It’s normal to meet these kinds of people.  Stay calm, polite and well-mannered.  Always wear that smile on your face.  It’s contagious.
  7.  Losing Things can make you lose yourself.  Passport, gadgets, wallet – these are important things that you should take extra care of.  But in case you lose your passport, don’t panic.  Immediately report it to the embassy.  Regarding gadgets, you can have apps on your phone, like Find iPhone.  If your phone contains important information such as bank access and passwords, call the bank immediately.  Keeping your cool and presence of mind will save your day.   

Stressful as it may be, traveling can still be nevertheless relaxing if you know how to deal with the little troubles that come with it.  Getting to your final destination gives a sense of relief, happiness, and excitement.  After settling in your hotel room and seeing the beautiful view of the place, the stress and the disappointment are all worth it.   The feeling of excitement about where to go first, what to do next, grabbing your map and trying to find your way to places you want to explore.   


Traveling can be exhausting but you can make it fun, exciting, and relaxing.  No matter how well you plan it, glitches may always arise.  Stop stressing yourself about things that are beyond your control.  Learn to focus on the bright side. Be excited about your new adventures and new discoveries.   Be thankful because not all are given the opportunity to travel. “The fact is stress around travelling is more prevalent than we usually imagine. Just practice this as an experiment over and again without expectation and see what you notice. Even holding that phrase in your mind can be helpful in getting out of your own head and back into your life,” says Elisha Goldstein, PhD.


Now, it’s time to get ready.  Fasten your seatbelt and relax!