How To Relax At Work


The 2018 Relaxation Methods Seminar was mainly for nurses and similar medical professionals, and on how they can build their skills. Relaxation was not a main topic at the seminar, but it was briefly discussed. I just listened and did not react, but I agree that no matter what profession, career, or work you are doing, there should be adequate time to relax at work.

It was suggested that one can still relax at work, even without leaving their desks. And how will that pan out? Many people have asked the same question, and the answers are below:

  1. Massage Your Ears

How is that done? It seems weird massaging your ears – others will think you are nuts. Oh, but now. Ear massage, as per the study, will relieve tension from work and pump up your energy levels. Do it. Massage your ear lobes and work your way up, on the outer part of your eyes. You will instantly feel it.

  1. Clean Your Desk

Who would have thought that clearing out your desk is a relaxation technique? Well, it will relax you and keep your mood up when you are done clearing out. Try it for yourself.

  1. Hand Massage

Give your hands a break from writing and typing. Do a massage on your hands. The massage is simple – pinch the muscles on your fingers one by one. When you are done, massage it in circles. You will be relieved.

  1. Breathe In And Breathe Out

One of the best ways to relax at work is to do breathing exercises. You have to breathe in and expand your stomach (not your chest!). Then, breathe out.

  1. Tense Muscles Technique

While on your seat, tense up your muscles from the feet, your toes, and then, going up. Feel it on your calves, things, hips, chest, neck, hands, and even your face. You can do it!

The ways are very simple. All of these techniques can be done in a few seconds. And it will help you relax.