Why Is Online Therapy Beneficial To Travelers?

Traveling is one significant activity most people want to engage in for relaxation.  Everybody loves the idea of going from one place to another to see what it has to offer, to experience other cultures, to taste exotic foods, and do exciting activities.   All of us, at one point in our lives, will have the chance to travel, whether it be near or far. Travel itself can be a break from stressors piled up back home; a literal escape where you can focus on your own pleasure and yourself can be a welcome change of pace, and help reduce your body’s stress hormone overdrive,” as explained by culture shrink  Jean Kim, MD.

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Traveling Lifestyle

Some people have decided to make traveling their way of life, moving from one place to another, staying for a week, a month, or a year, and then move again to another location.   These people love learning the cultures, knowing the people, and getting familiar with places.


Travelers Are Brave

Just merely looking or imagining travelers, they seem to look so brave and adaptable, but that is not always the case.   As a traveler, I also feel anxious and afraid.  What if something terrible happens?   There are times when I feel so excited, and there are days when there is a struggle within me on whether I should go or not.

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Being in a foreign land alone can also be depressing, and it’s not easy to approach a stranger and start a talk.  And same with them, it is not always easy for them to trust a new face.


Why People Travel

Not all who travel are sociable persons, and not everyone who goes on a trip do it for pleasure.   Some travel by choice and some have no choice because they have to do it for work, education, business, or service. Most of these people are not ready for the overwhelming experience traveling may bring to their lives, most especially for first-time travelers.   Traveling can make you feel excited about it and anxious and fearful at the same time, and that is the one thing you will love about traveling.


Online Therapy Helps Travelers

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Online therapy can help travelers adjust to the new environment quickly and guide them so they can enjoy the perks traveling can bring to their lives. BetterHelp offers excellent online therapy where you can access 24/7.

There will always be a fear of the unknown within us, and online travel therapists can help us face this fear and allow us to turn this very fear to be the source of our deepest joy and bring out the courage in us we never thought we had.


I used to feel contented to just be in the comfort of my home.  I was not aware, and I didn’t care much about what was going on around me.   I had no idea what other people did, and I knew nothing about different cultures.  I was a homebody who hated the idea of living an uncomfortable life.


The first time I was asked to go on a business trip by my boss, I was so hesitant, but it seemed that I had no choice because my promotion will depend on the result of that collaboration I would be doing with the other company.   I thought I was tough and can do anything, but that night I was not able to sleep.   Anxiety attacks made me lose my mind.  I didn’t like the idea not because I was weak, but because I hated the discomfort it would bring.

For a month, I would have to change my routine and would not be able to do the things I used to do in the comfort of my very own home.  The place was foreign, and the climate, norms, cultures, and food, all these were depressing to me.  But I had to live with it, so I needed to find ways to survive.


I signed up for an online therapy site and talked to an online travel therapist.   I told him my dilemmas, and he helped me significantly understand my situation and how it would be best for me to embrace and immerse myself in this new place.   He guided me and made sure that I learned how to take full advantage of the good by not focusing on the bad things brought about by being in a foreign land.   He guided me so that I could remove the obstacles that hindered my enjoyment and allowed me to make this a once in a lifetime experience.   Mental health issues can pop up anytime, and the option of having a licensed therapist to talk to anytime is a tremendous asset to the mental health community,” says Sal Raichbach, PsyD, LCSW. After a week, the culture shock was gone.   I’d broken all the barriers, and I had made some local friends.   A month passed by so quickly, and I didn’t want to leave anymore.  I have come to love the place and the people, again, another sad part of traveling in which my therapist helped me a lot in overcoming.


It was the start of my many adventures, and every now and then, I would contact my online travel therapist, but not to ask for guidance or help, but to tell him stories of how I enjoyed every place I was visiting.


Traveling for whatever reason can be a chance to relax.   After an exhausting meeting with a client or a stressful work, it will be good to take a walk around, see the market, try their hometown specialty, and have a chat with locals.   Traveling has become a good and pleasant way of relaxation for me.    I learned so much from the horrible and worse experiences I had, but I still enjoyed every bit of my stay.

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Online therapy is beneficial to travelers when moments of loneliness peep in and when culture shock strikes.  A therapist can guide you so you’ll enjoy and make the most of your travel.   Anywhere I go, I can easily be in contact with my therapist as if I had a traveling therapist buddy with me.

According to Jenise Harmon, MSW, LISW-S,  “Clients appreciate the semi-anonymity of online counseling. People who struggle with anxiety have told me that they were able to open up easier because they did not have to be with their therapist in person. Sometimes things are easier said online.”