Why It’s Hard To Relax During This Pandemic Moment

Staying locked up at home for an extended period can potentially increase toxicity within mental and emotional health. That is due to the restriction an individual had to consider only to slow down the spread of the virus. And for those persons who are already suffering from a mental illness, social isolation can be tough to handle as well. It increases stress and anxiety, and also promotes a profoundly negative self-absorption.

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For other people, they are fortunate enough to practice a steady emotional and mental state. Congratulations to them for keeping a healthy self-compassion. We can assume that these people programmed their minds and bodies to adapt to the situation without a hassle. But for some individuals who sit in a desperate situation, they find it hard to stay calm. These people believe that there is no way to feel relaxed anymore. With all the negativity they see and hear every day from this Coronavirus outbreak, the assurance of getting a peaceful life seems nowhere to be found.

Everything Is Uncertain

It is hard to stay relaxed when there is the worry of this pandemic uncertainty. There is the constant thought of “what ifs”. The possibility that one of the members of the family can become infected with the virus at any time. That even if everyone in the house follows strict measures of social distancing and frequent hand washing, there is still a chance of getting infected from an unknown source.

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Aside from that, another thing that adds to the worry of people is the undiscovered cure to the virus. Yes, until now, there is no evident progress in the status of the cure for the COVID-19. People only know that medical experts are trying their best to come up with a possible vaccine that can prevent the spread of the virus. But it is not enough information to calm down everyone who is panicking and stressing over the disease.

And when people talk about results, they somehow understand that this global health crisis will not be over any time soon. That even if the majority of the people practice safety protocols, some will suddenly get tired of listening and responding. Thus, for pessimistic future calculation, the world can expect chaos. People will feel trapped and isolated that they will soon come out of their comfort zone and just won’t give a damn about everything that has been going on. Of course, the possibility of that scenario depends on the extended period of this pandemic.

If in case you are not aware, a lot of people are dying. Therefore, since death is part of all this pandemic commotion, then there is no way individuals can just sit back and relax. It will be very disappointing to die without living life to the fullest. All people are hopeful for this outbreak to end because they want to get back on their regular routines already. And since that thing seems impossible to happen as of this moment, then individuals can only try their best not to get infected.

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If in an unfortunate instance, one gets sick due to the Coronavirus infection and eventually die, it becomes devastating. That’s because the dead body of a loved one will instantly get cremated and eventually turn into ashes. Family and friends will not be allowed to be near the body, and no proper burial will be made. Understandably, that is to save the rest of other people’s lives. But can you imagine the emotional and mental torture of not being with your loved one even for the last time? It is entirely soul-crushing.